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All memberships expire December 31 and renewals must be received by February 1 to continue receiving the Society’s informative newsletter, The Digger. The membership form can be found on the "Contact" page of the website.

Payment and the completed form may be mailed to the Society at 1001 Golden Rain Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94595, dropped off in the MDGS mail box in the Rossmoor Administration building, or brought to a meeting. If your information has not changed, it is not necessary to complete the form.


Join our Hybrid In Person/Zoom Meetings at 9:45 AM 

for an opportunity to 'Chat' with other members!

All Lectures begin at 10:00 AM

All Presentations will be available via Zoom and also in person in the Tahoe Room

July 20 (WEDNESDAY):  Gena Phlibert-Ortega Presents "Maybe I'm To Blame: The Silent Troubles of Female Ancestors"

August: No Meeting

September 16 (Friday): Melinda Kashuba "TBA"

October 7 (FRIDAY): "TBA"

November  17 (THURSDAY):  "TBA"

December 16 (Friday):  "TBA"

Previous Speakers Handouts*

(*Speakers with published handouts are listed- click on linked title to open the handout)

    Name                                Title                                                                    

Baker, James Too Many Old Newspapers: How Do You Find Your People

Baker, James Finding Your Ancestors in Digitized Books

Baker, James  Finding the Hardest Ones, Part 1: Seven Strategies

Baker, James   Finding the Hardest Ones, Part 2: Elementary, My Dear Watson

Baker, James     Google, The Genealogist’s Best Friend

Bell Green, Christine  English Genealogy On the Internet 

Borges, Katherine  I've DNA Tested, Now What?

Calhoun, Nancy         Shakin' Out the Smiths

Calhoun, Nancy       "Runnin' Down Grandma"

Dallas, Pamela Bell   Help! The Court House Burned. How Do I Find My Records?

Erickson, Pamela      Indentured Servants Have Genealogies Too! 

Gantz, Broooke Schreier Reclaim the Records

George, Diane  Google Tips for Genealogists 

Kashuba, Melinda  Heat Up Your Research with Fire Insurance Maps

Mosmakos, Dawn How I solve unknown parentage searches

Mosmakos, Dawn How to message a close match

Mosmakos, Dawn    Sources of Info

Lisson, Lisa How to Research Common Surname Ancestors

Marshall, Kathryn Miller   Latest & Greatest in Genealogy Software & Databases

Marshall, Kathryn Miller    Passenger Lists to Naturalization, Part 1

Marshall, Kathryn MillerPassenger Lists to Naturalization, Part 2

McCloud, Bruce (Expires on 9/18/22) Making the Most of Family Search Resources

Morse, Stephen P. Finding Presidents and their Ancestors

Morse, Stephen P. Getting Ready for the 1950 Census

Oretega, Gena Philibert Genealogy Roadshow, Finding Images

Oretega, Gena Philibert WPA Resources ,

Oretega, Gena Philibert 10 Databases You Didn't Know Were on

Oretega, Gena Philibert  50 Websites Every Genealogist Should Know

Oretega, Gena Philibert Researching Genealogy During a Pandemic

Oretega, Gena Philibert Celebrating the Vote: 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

Oretega, Gena Philibert Learning More about American Female Ancestors Prior to 1850

Severson, Ralph Ferreting Out Sources Using FamilySearch

Trindle, Cath Madden  Irish Genealogy Websites

Yanov, Madeline Finding Great-Grandpa: or How to Locate Lost Ancestors in the 1890 Census Substitute 

Yanov, Madeline Finding Missing Ancestors in Institutional Records, Part 1:

Yanov, Madeline Hospitals, Sanitariums and Asylums.

Yanov, Madeline Institutional Records Part II

Yanov, Madeline Researching Mortuary Records

Yanov, Madeline Ancestral Road Trips Part 1

Yanov, Madeline Ancestral Road Trips Part 2

Whittaker, Martha Voluntary Confederate Exiles (Confederados) ;

Whittaker, Martha Searching For Missing Men in the U.S., 1850-1940

*NOTE: Handouts for the following speakers are located on the Members Only pages

Lisa Gorrell (March 2018)- "Beginning German Research"

Lisa Gorrell- "Tips for Breaking Down Brick Walls"

Lisa Gorrell (10/15/21)- "Researching Religious Records"

Thomas MacEntee (2/15/19)- "Successful Cluster and Collateral Searches"

Janice Sellers (11/15/19) - "Finding and Using Newspapers in your Genealogical Search"

Janice Sellers (1/15/21) - "So You Found Them on the Census- That's Only the Start"

Janice Sellers (3/19/21)- "Irish Research Online"